Biggest advantages for stackable batteries and 51.2v 100ah rack mounted batteries are high compatibility with about 12 inverters, customer selecting inverter protocol on LCD and built-in fire extinguishers. There has a few solar and residential lithium batteries packs with those functions in your market, so it is a good time for you to get more market share.

Inverter protocols has been build communciation on
our batteries as follow:

Can communication protocols:

  1. Growatt
  2. Sol-ArK
  3. Deye
  4. Megarevo
  5. Voltronic
  6. Luxpower
  7. Studer
  8. SMA

RS485 communication protocols:

  1. GRW
  2. EG4
  3. Luxpower
  4. Schneider
High compatibilty with 12 brands of inverters! such as Growatt, Solis, Lvxpower, Victron, and so on.
And customer can select the brand of inverter they need on the screen directly!
AAA Power

Followings as some video to know about batteries deeply.

Show you this function by this video from EG4